Blurring the Boundaries Between Online and Physical Presence

March 6, 2012

Today at CeBIT in Hannover Germany, Sococo President, Chris Wheeler, and CTO, Paul Brody, joined executives of Plantronics to demonstrate the integration of Plantronics’ Smart Sensor technology with Sococo Team Space.

When released, this will allow Team Space users wearing a Plantronics Voyager PRO UC wireless headset to update their online present status automatically when they remove the headset or walk away from their desk.

Sococo Team Space has already revolutionized online presence through the context of a virtual office environment. In Team Space, coworkers can see, at a glance, who’s around and what they’re doing (e.g., if they’re in a meeting and with whom). Team Space also has over a dozen expressions of how users are present online (e.g., listening, talking, muted, viewing screen shares, etc.), dramatically increasing the feeling of being together, even across vast distances.

By updating online status automatically based on users’ actions in their physical environment, Sococo Team Space brings coworkers together even more—and even more naturally.

See Plantronics’ press release regarding the event here.